Direct Marketing


ダイレクト戦国時代 其の二

Single ltem Online Commerce (Case Study)

ダイレクト戦国時代 其の二

Although it is said that Direct marketing has been spreading out and growing, not all the participating company are walking on the successful path.
The competition is even more intense among small-to medium sized companies, and because mega (nation launched) company joined in, also so many similar products are in the market.
Once called “leading company” (with direct marketing) is now in the struggle to gain new customer, instead, mega (nation launched) company seems to take a lead in direct marketing nowadays.

「How can these company in the struggle make a “break-through” ?」
The key is to bring up “CPO” and, needless to say “LTV”.
Let’s face the fact, that “Ad-technology” is not enough way to bring break through.
*LTV=Life Time Value ・・・prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer

In this session, experienced Online Marketing professionals are gathering to speak on the topic of 「How to bring up “LTV”」, with case study and from their own successful and failure experiences.
You will leave the room with many helpful hints and will not regret when you come to use the” know-how” in the time when you come to face the struggle.

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