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モバイルCRM革命 〜 Eメールが読まれない時代にLINEビジネスコネクトでどう取り組むのか

Mobile CRM ~ How LINE Business Connect would deal with CRM today

モバイルCRM革命 〜 Eメールが読まれない時代にLINEビジネスコネクトでどう取り組むのか

It has been almost 20 years since the internet was introduced to Japan. Ever since, the collection of email address has been the core action for marketing.

With the rise of smartphone, the landscape is changing. The value of carrier email address is declining together with the addition of the promotion tab on email. It is now even questionable to collect email addresses.

LINE, which now has 450 million global users including 51 million in Japan became a large scale communication platform introduced the new CRM and 1 to 1 marketing environment “LINE Business Connect” in February. And it has announced the partnership with ExactTarget ( in June. In this session, cases on utilizing CRM with LINE Business Connect will be presented .

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