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「勘違いしていませんか? ダイレクトマーケティングの神髄を!成功するダイレクトマーケティングとは?」

What is a basic meaning of Direct Marketing?

「勘違いしていませんか? ダイレクトマーケティングの神髄を!成功するダイ レクトマーケティングとは?」

The internet market is ever expanding, and it is becoming a part of mature economy.
Numbers of solutions and players are utilizing internet though, there also be a disparity between "those who knows how" and "those who don’t.”
The terminology “Direct Marketing” is being a cliche, which mislead the difference between “Customers’ merit” and “Corporate revenue”. A successful direct marketing is not simply accomplished by copying a past success case, but rather realized by assessing the true nature of the successful marketing practice. The ability to assess the true nature is the must for the successful marketer of today.
Fujiyo Ishiguro, CEO, Netyear Group and Yoshiaki Kakuda, CEO, Pencil Inc., both individual are leading service companies providing consulting with digital marketing and IT.
They will discuss on what is the core value of direct marketing and how a successful direct marketing practice be realized.

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